AgroEnergy AG

AgroEnergy 1 - A success story

Robert Frowein, Dr. Moritz Spilker and Matthias Graf von Westphalen initiated AgroEnergy and founded a first operation as a German AG in 2008 (AgroEnergy 1). The company raised Euro 34.1 million from 22 private investors and invested the capital in two farms in East Germany – with a total of 4,200 hectares with a freehold of 1,700 hectares.

AgroEnergy appointed new management teams, introduced budgets, monitoring, controlling, benchmark-techniques and improved operating results. The operating return (EbIT/ invested capital) reached 6.7% in 2010/2011. The value increase of owned land was an estimated 50 percent for AgroEnergy Kröpelin GmbH (700 ha, since 2008) and 15 percent in AgroEnergy Prislich GmbH (960 ha, since 2010).

AgroEnergy has sucessfully positioned itself and built a reputation as a professional investor.